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Experience Russia

Many of the things we hear about Russia are hard to believe or even understand. Did you know that Russia  is the biggest country in the world, covering ⅙ of the Earth’s surface? It’s true! Russia spans across 10 time zones! That’s why it has  a great diversity of cultures. Some of the world's greatest minds, like the scientist Dmitriy Mendeleev and the novelist Fyodor Dostoevsky were from Russia. And the Russian Federation's space program which was started during the Soviet Union times, is famous all over the world for sending the first man into space.  But there are also some  stereotypes, like bears walking around the streets or that it is freezing cold year round. We invite you to discover the truth yourself!

And the best way to discover the real Russia is with an ALT Experience Russia programs:

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      Teach and Study

      Homestay Russia and Teach in School  allows you to learn Russian language the most effectively, as you also may choose additional lessons of Russian with a highly qualified teacher.  You may participate in a class of max. 6 students or take individual courses. All courses are held by special Russian language schools. Everyday practice with a host family and additional learning at school will let you learn Russian the most productively in the shortest period of time!

      Possible language courses:

      • General Russian 15 h/w
      • Intensive Russian 25 h/w
      • One-to-One lessons
      • Russian language for Business, Study, e.t.c.

      Possible destinations:

      • Moscow
      • Saint-Petersburg
      • Voronezh


      After submission of online application our Manager will contact you shortly!

      After submission of online application our Manager will contact you shortly!