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Alternative - Education and career abroad

Alternative - Education and career abroad agency is an accredited organization that provides students, graduates, and young professionals with the possibilities to study and to work abroad. We offer a variety of education, work and career programs in the USA, Canada, and European countries accompanied by qualified service. We are also an INBOUND operator offering quality placement for teaching travellers to Russian families and Language Schools.


Over the years we have reached the point where we cooperate only with verified companies and agents which gives us an opportunity to be one of the leading company in our region. Today we collaborate with providers in the USA, Canada, Germany, France such as CENET, IEE, AAG, CICD, CETUSA, etc.  and have a wide range of educational partners in the UK (Bellerbys College, Kings College, Frances King, etc.) and constantly exploring new opportunities and organisations providing them so we could be sure that our clients’ needs are satisfied.


Since 2005 we have been successfully developing and offering such programs as Work and Travel, Group and Individual Language courses, High Education, Secondary-level Education abroad, Work and Study, Internship, Au-Pair, Teach and Travel. Every year we have about 200 students and young professionals going abroad to reach their goals. We take our job very seriously and our services cover all the way clients should take before leaving. That includes program consultations, assistance with the required paperwork, documents' translation, and visa assistance.


 ALT is the first local inbound work experience operator who have launched high-standard Language Homestay (T&T) program in Russia in 2012. It allowed hundreds of participants from the US, UK and Europe to experience real Russia and its rich culture while teaching languages in Russian families and language schools. 
Currently we offer 3 inbound programs: LANGUAGE HOMESTAY, TEACH ENGLISH IN RUSSIA, CAMP RUSSIA.

Alternative is proud of its employees who not only have extensive work experience in the field but also have participated in study and work programs themselves. In addition, we constantly take part in the work related trainings and seminars as well as attend internationaly known workshops, fairs, and conferences.


As the number of students is increasing every year we are looking forward to cooperate with new employers, universities and language schools under the offering programs. You may check the list of companies  currently working with us.


We welcome all employers, schools, and universities who are interested in cooperation. For further information, please email us


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