What makes our program unique

1. We live in Russia, this makes us experts on everything about it - culture, people, food and everything else.

2. We fully  support our program -  from the moment you apply, until the moment you  fly back home. There is no middleman between us, so you have direct contact with your program coordinator all the time and no intermediary surcharges.

3. A cultural program is included in the package. You get  2 local excursions per month with your host family. In addition, you get a travel pass to the best museums and excursions in St. Petersburg or Moscow!

4. We are the first and most experienced organisation in Russia! We've started accepting  Language Homestay applicants since 2012.

5. We personally screen all the families and interview them in person.

6. We can make multiple placements in different families if that interests you.

7. After your arrival we will keep in touch with you directly, not with any kind of representatives, or representatives of representatives.

8. All of our staff can speak English fluently.

9. We are a licensed Russian organisation working in a cultural exchange field for over 11 years.

10. We offer an emergency family replacement in case there are any difficulties or if there is a force majeure situation, which we are pretty sure won’t happen ;)

Homestay Russia